About Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is offered, in collaboration with a prescribing physician, for individuals with depression, anxiety, and/or substance dependence, who meet inclusionary/acceptance criteria for KAP, and who prefer this therapy. Psychotherapy in the KAP model is designed to enhance therapeutic benefits of ketamine infusions.  Conversely, ketamine infusions — each lasting 45 to 60 minutes — complement the psychotherapy.  Together, and in a coordinated bio-psycho-therapeutic manner, they share the same purpose — to effectively address the individual’s presenting mental health and/or substance use problems by helping the person to expand awareness, explore personal values, and take meaningful action toward a lifestyle that the person experiences as purposeful.  Ketamine offers a unique mental state — described by some as “psychedelic” — in which the person experiences an expansion of consciousness, with insights into alternative existential and pragmatic perspectives.  Psychotherapy both prepares the person for ketamine infusion experiences — in order to optimize gains — and helps the person integrate new perspectives and approaches into everyday life. Psychotherapy is collaborative, following the person’s values and intentions

Ketamine infusions are administered in a relaxed outpatient setting. Administration is by IV drip, which provides a steady medication level without troughs and peaks. The dosage-level is individually determined, influenced by psychological and physical assessments, the person’s prior experience with ketamine or other psychedelics, the person’s preferences, and the person’s intent. The number and frequency of infusion sessions vary per individual’s needs, therapeutic progress, and preferences.

A minimum of four of psychotherapy sessions will be provided before the initial ketamine-infusion session.  These pre-infusion therapy sessions help prepare the person for the initial infusion session.  While any pre-infusion session is likely to have therapeutic value in its own right, psychotherapy in the pre-infusion stage may help the client develop a mindset (“set”) that helps optimize his or her ketamine-infusion experience and contributes to the overall benefit from KAP.  The ability to optimally utilize this altered state of consciousness is affected by the person’s mental/cognitive frame that exists prior to and during the infusion. Enhancing psychologically flexibility of the person’s mental frame-of-reference, an attitude of experiential acceptance, and clarity of intention are essences of pre-infusion psychotherapy in the KAP model.

The psychotherapist will also be present during the infusion sessions as support, and to help the person process and integrate the experience in ways that are useful in everyday life. Further integration will occur in therapy sessions that are post-infusion.

Physician: Alex Paziotopoulos, MD, of the Pazio Institute / Psychotherapist: Phil Welches, PhD, Clinical Psychologist


There are two sets of fees for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: one for the psychotherapy services and one for medical services.

Psychotherapy Services:

  • While most insurance policies pay for Psychotherapy Services (Initial Psychological Evaluation sessions and Psychotherapy sessions), some do not.  For insurance policies that do pay for psychotherapy services, there may be an unmet deductible and/or a co-pay.  The psychotherapist will review the person’s insurance coverage, contact the insurance company (if necessary), and discuss fees with the client in advance of the first meeting. 

  • More details regarding Psychotherapy Services fees are are included in the “Finance/Fees” section of this website.

Medical Services are as follows:

  • A one-hour physician consult, prior to beginning the infusions ($475)

  • A basic set of labs (usually billable to insurance)

  • Ketamine Infusion: $600 per infusion.  (While most insurance policies will cover basic lab work, they will not cover Ketamine Infusions.)

  • Medical Service Package Options:

      • Ketamine Infusion Package Option # 1: Includes the initial physician consult and 6 Ketamine infusions ($3500).

      • Ketamine Infusion Package Option # 2: Includes the initial physician consult and 10 Ketamine infusions ($5500).